Cottage Ham and Some Sausage

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rmiller, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. So I haven't made too many posts, but I finally got some time. I cured a pork shoulder in the style of a ham (which from what I understand makes it a cottage ham?), and I'm smoking it with apple wood. I also had some sausage I had intended on stuffing in the freezer (it was for brats), but ran out of the correct size casings, so I stuffed some bigger, fibrous casings for like a summer sausage sorta deal.

    Just thought I'd share some pictures throughout the day! [​IMG]

    My smoker is pretty, ugh, sad, haha. It's a busted down kettle smoker type thing. I set the pan for the wood on the ground, then theres a grate in the middle I'll put a water pan on, and then the top grate for the food. I'll post more when they're done for sure!

  2. Looks darn good so far.  As for your's working.....who cares what it looks like [​IMG]
  3. That's how I feel too! And thank you, I am very excited[​IMG]

    I used a bone in pork butt, and cut it in half at a slight angle, so one half has a bone, and can cooked up sometime for like a dinner ham (maybe on thanksgiving, I'm thinking) and then the other sliced thin for sammiessss.
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    Real pretty color on those hams so far.If that smoker is working for you it does not matter how pretty it is

  5. Ugly smoker, pretty meat; I can live with it!
  6. So here's my ham, off the smoker, letting it cool, but I couldn't help but slice a piece off. Look at that gorgeous pink, hammy color! That should be a crayon color; ham.

    And it is DELICIOUS
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    Very nice good job

  8. Looks real tasty. Nice color.

    Happy smoken.


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