Costco belly 07/05/15

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  1. I saw them for sure at Auburn Hills and I hear Hall Road has them as well. This is about a week ago.
  2. just got back from Madison heights store... they have them at 2.29/lb. picked one up that I'm going to smoke on sunday and finish in the oven to crisp it up.

    seems like they are now stocking briskets and pork bellies, which is good for me as I find myself in Costco for other stuff every month.
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  3. I know that Auburn Hills Costco has always had the briskets, they just might be prime cut though which makes em like 9 bucks a lb (eesh).

    I actually work at that costco and the meat manager says he's not sure how long they'll have the pork belly and it all depends on how it sells.
  4. mummel

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    If you work at Costco, are there any tips for getting good deals on meats?  Like asking the butcher for off cuts, or meats that are expiring etc.  Someone mentioned buying uncut cryovacced meats.  Any tips?
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  5. mneeley490

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    If you have a Business Costco near you, (i.e. one that caters towards restaurants and other businesses), you can pick up cryovac'd packages a bit cheaper per lb. than the regular outlets. I've found decent prices on butts, briskets, and near St. Patty's day, whole corned briskets for a lot less than grocery store prices.
  6. Anybody have a swag as to the cost of pork belly at restaurant depot these days?
  7. mummel, The best way to get meat cheaper at costco is to by it by the case. They can't/won't make any deals on meats about to expire (especially beef) for food safety reasons.
  8. mneeley490

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    Last time I was in (a couple months ago), it was something in the neighborhood of $2.35 lb for skin-on, and $2.70 for skinless.
  9. You can add Gilroy, CA to the list.
  10. mummel

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    All west coast
  11. wkraemer

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    Did the belly have the skin on?  I bought one also from the Costco in St Louis, MO.
  12. Hi chef! We go to the Costco in Eugene and we have pork belly here. Don't know what part of the valley your in but down south in our neck of the woods, its been there for a couple weeks now.

  13. Eugene also!!
  14. chef willie

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    thx for the heads up....will have to go to the Costco here in Albany soon and check...if it's in Eugene it's probably here as well....whoop whoop!!
  15. dirtsailor2003

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    Hmm, I'll have to check our store and see if they have any. Still cheaper at Cash and Carry though...
  16. dirtsailor2003

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    I can say, the Bend Costco Had pork bellies. I can also say that I now Have Pork bellies. They had 4 of them out there so I bought all four! Into the freezer until it cools down enough for some cold smoking Bacon Making.


  17. well, that'll do!
  18. woo hoo!!
  19. Algonquin IL store has it.

  20. bmudd14474

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    They have them in Reno NV now.

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