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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jwcnj4502, Apr 29, 2014.

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    My local market has a pretty good sale on corned beef. I would like to stock up on some. Can I freeze it for later use or even cook it,slice it, and vac seal it and freeze?  I'd like to make some of it into pastrami too.
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    Not recommended to freeze CB.....this was recently kicked around in another thread. Your second option sounded legit to do but you will always lose some quality when freezing but vac paking is the best way to go with that......HTH, Willie

    'now that's a gross practice.....I'd be pissed to find out some meat I bought thinking fresh had been frozen. And, I believe I read somewhere CB is not good to freeze. From the eHow site:
    Corned beef is is a chunk of beef that has been treated by rubbing salt into it. The salt in the beef promotes rancidity and changes the texture of the meat, which can make it difficult to store for long periods of time. Without taking the proper steps, corned beef will be ruined when put in a freezer'

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    OK thanks, I will just get what I can use at this time. Thought I remembered reading the other post that you referred to.Thanks again 

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