Corned beef... A little experimenting

Discussion in 'Beef' started by nascott, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Am starting with a 6 lb Sy Ginsberg Corned beef from Costco... I Brined it for a short time in a very sugar Brine to try and take a bit of saltiness out of it and added a Bit of apple vinegar to try and add to the tenderness factor.

    Anyway, I Rubbed it with a sweet sugar Maple rub and am smoking it over hickory with a plan to let it cook low and slow at about 230 for several hours before wrapping it for an hour or two at a slightly higher heat to get to done.

    As I said, I am experimenting a bit... But figured what the heck... Here's how it is starting

    Any predictions on how it might come out or 'wtf' thoughts on my experimentation?
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    Your plan sounds solid to me , brother. I've done several corned beefs on the smoker and they come out nice. I'll be curious what you think of the maple flavor....haven't tried that myself.
  3. Can't help wondering how "corned beef" and "sweet beef" is going to mate, but hey, everyone always tells my wife that they "don't see what she ever saw in me", as well.  Who knows?  It could work.  Good luck.[​IMG]
  4. Well, it smells good... 4 hours in at about 235 and the temp is at 150, so I pulled it off to put it in a pan and seal it tight with a little bit of apple juice. Here it is about to get wrapped.

    I figure another 1 to 2 hours at 235 and it should be ready by dinner time.

    One thing is for sure... Now that it is above 45, it's a heck of a lot easier to maintain the temp then when it was 0!
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    Looking good so far!  Be sure to let us know how it turns out, and what you think. I've been wondering about a corned beef myself, so I have a particular interest.
  6. Wow... Talk about a stall! Wrapped it and sealed it to ramp it up 90 minutes ago and it's only gone from 150 to 175 with the smoker at 225. As many say, patience is a virtue... And it smells AWESOME!
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  7. I have a question now... OK.. Got it to 185 and now it's wrapped with foil and a towel in a cooler for a finish... But I have some juice left over from the pan I sealed it in. I am thinking about using it to season some sauerkraut, but am wondering if anyone else has any ideas about what to use the left over juice for? Thoughts?
  8. Maybe better on some taters? It might make the already salty kraut too salty. Just a suggestion.:biggrin:
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    well , it might add a nice flavor to some baked beans.....
  10. OK... Here it is! And it turned out great. I have never before had smoked Corned beef so I had a traditional basis for the comparison. With the sugar Maple rub and the sugary Brine, it made the kitchen smell a lot like a spiral sliced glazed ham at easter, but the taste was a great combination of traditional Corned beef, smoked meat, and honey maple... Very good!

    Here's some final QView as I carved it and bagged it for later this weekend.

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    Looks very tasty, enjoy ! Thumbs Up
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    Looking good. Making me want some.
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    Wow, looks great.
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    Looks awesome!   My last one was a Ginsberg from Costco as well.   It's a great deal and well brined so you can't go wrong with it. 
  15. Did you think that taking it to 185 was too long, or was that the perfect temp? It looks like it was a corned brisket?
  16. In hindsight, it probably could have come off a bit earlier. But the taste was absolutely famous and I steamed it whenever I reheated it, so all was good.
  17. Yeah I'm wondering earlier? Or if it's a brisket cut, taking it to 202 IT. I'm going to do two of them this weekend.

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