corn-beef brisket

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  1. Has anybody ever smoked a corn-beef brisket, if so what temp do you cook it till? Any other hints to make it come out good would be great

    Thank you

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    I used one as a dry run last summer before I did a regular brisket. I smoked it at around 250 degrees until it reached 195 (wrapped in HD foil when it reached the 180 mark) then put it in an insulated cooler for about an hour to rest. It came out alright. 
  3. I just did one over the weekend (sorry no q-view).  I normally smoke to 195-200-ish, but I have been having an issue where I burn the bottom of brisket to where it is rock hard.  

    This time I used the toothpick method for done-ness.  Starting at 180 I poked the flat in a couple of spots and re-tested at 5 minute intervals.  I test to see if the toothpick goes through the flat like a knife through butter.  For me that was at 185, so I pulled it, wrapped it and threw it into a cooler with towels until serving time.  I got nice host slices with the right amount of pull.

    Hope that helps.
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    I just did one yesterday (gonna do a post tonight [​IMG]) was a 15 lb. full packer that had been corned.

    Ran my WSM at 230-240° for the full time. Put it on at about 5:30 AM started with hickory and after about 6 hrs. switched to apple wood. I did not foil it and it hit 195° internal temp at at about 5:00 pm. Instead of a rub I mixed the little seasoning packet with half a bottle of Beaver brand Sweet Hot mustard, then brushed that on the outside of the brisket with that before putting it on the smoker. Then at the 6 hr. mark I brushed the other half of the bottle onto the brisket.

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