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  1. Newbie question here. When you guys talk about wrapping a pork butt (or anything other item) and putting it in a cooler for an hour what do you mean? Dose the cooler need to be cold or just the warm cooler from my garage? What dose this do? Thanks for the input.
  2. It's just a way to keep your smoked items hot while the meat rests and the juices re-distribute etc...  A cooler, just isn't a cooler.  It's an insulated box, so it will keep cool things cool OR hot things hot.  If you set your smoked butt on the counter, it would be barely warm in two hours.  If you wrap it and put it in a cooler, it will still burn your fingers in two hours. 
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    An example, one of my recent butts was done much earlier than my company arriving....I had already double wrapped in foil at 165*, so when it finished at 205*, I wrapped in two towels, put in the cooler and filled the rest of the cooler with blankets and 4 hours after pulling the butt from the cooler it still had an internal temp of 180*.

    If you're going to have to cooler something for a long period (more than the typical 1 or 2 hour rest time) you'll want to make sure you keep your temp probe in it to ensure it does not go below the safe 140* degree threshold. 
  4. Thanks guys that makes perfect sense to me now. Can't wait to put the theory into practice some time soon. [​IMG]

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