Cool Day but Worth it!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ernie pridemore, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. I had mis-posted this in Pork Grilling yesterday(That will teach me not to read forum rules and requests!! LOL!)

    Anyway It was supposed to be 58 yesterday wich is about as low as I can smoke with my little Weber 14 inch Smoky Mountain Smoker..Turns out it struggled to get much over 50 here but I had great results anyway. I did the 3-2-1 Method on a nice rack of spare ribs and they turned out great! Second try was much better than the first due to me discovering this web site! I had never smoked meat before last week! I think I've already got the rib cooking down pat now I need to experiment a little with different rubs and sauces. By the way I used a Kansas City Honey BBQ rub from Sportsman's Warehouse I had been wanting to try and it was great! I used Cherry for smoking and used a Honey/Spicy BBQ sauce...Slightly modified with more honey and spice!

    Anyway I learned the 3-2-1 Method here....As well as keeping the meat moist with Apple Cider Vinegar/Brown sugar/apple juice mixture!...Learned about Foiling as well! So Thanks to you all! Results below! They were fantastic!  Briskets are next!

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    Ernie, those look awesome.... Only second time doin the ribbies, well done !! And I have to agree with ya, there are some great folks on this site... Second to none and a great support group for all us smokin addicts....

  3. Fine looking ribs man  [​IMG]   Make sure you post pics of your brisket  [​IMG]

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