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    I have a Cookshack SM260 commercial smoker sitting in my storage unit. It's there because I sold my barbecue restaurant and I used it for only two seasons. I'm in a tourist town, so two seasons means it really only got one year's worth of use.

    I bought it new from Cookshack, and with it I also bought four rib racks, two vegetable/seafood grates, a meat probe/thermometer, a cold smoking attachment, a full sized pan for catching the drippings, and I also bought several types of wood chunks I still have in boxes (hickory, mesquite, cherry, sugar maple, black walnut and alder).

    I also bought the exhaust hood that Cookshack sells for it. It's ready for a new home. It doesn't really like being in my storage unit. It would rather work for a living.

    Everything was purchased new and you can check for yourself by logging onto the Cookshack website and total everything up to know, this all cost me over $8000. I'd like to get $5000 for it. But would consider a trade for a car or truck with a bluebook value of $5000 also.

    I live in Estes Park, Colorado. Would have to be shipped freight because it's so big and heavy. Or can be picked up. If I got what I wanted, we might be able to split the shipping cost on it.
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    talk to me, am interested.....  my cel is 714, 8150146


    email is [email protected]
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    Called and left phone voice mail. Responded to the email address. If interested, let me know.

    Thanks, Thom

    [email protected]

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