Cooking using gas burners.... Flame adjustment ??

Discussion in 'Chefs Corner' started by daveomak, Nov 26, 2011.

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    For the last several decdes I have cooked on gas burners...

    There is always a hot "ring" in the pans where the flame hits and then the pan is cooler around the edges... same deal when the griddle straddles two burners... Uneven temperatures across the cooking surface...

    I have ben told and read the same... flames should be clean and blue otherwise there is CO etc. emitted from the flame and that is not good...

    Well.... why is it all the professional chefs cook on flames that are huge and yellow and licking the pan all over....

    I suppose for even heating of the cooking surface.... Is that why ??? 

    If so, I want to adjust the burners on my stove for even heating...

    I'm using Calphalon anodized cookware if that makes a difference...
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    Hey dave. I am pretty sure you should have adjustments on your burners. Try to take the top cover off and look at the inlet to your burner. there should be a adjustnent you can either open more or close more.  I also found cookware that has a very thick heavy bottom heats more even than cookware that is thinner. The dense thick metal holds the heat evenly just like the old cast iron pans..... Just throwing some things out there for ya...

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  4. daveomak

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    Thanks... I'll see what I can do.... If the bride don't mind...[​IMG]
  5. yup...I use cast iron...doesn't completely eliminate the problem, but it helps...
  6. venture

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    I have always been told the flame should blue with a minimum of yellow or orange.

    Are we talking about a gas range? If so there should be a venturi adjustment.  They also need to be cleaned every so often.  We used to take out one burner and lay it upside down on another lit burner to burn off drippings and get all the little holes cleaned out.

    On flat tops, there are hotter and cooler areas by the setting of the cook.  It gives a surface that is more versatile in use.

    The cast iron pans are great for heat distribution once they get warmed up.  They aren't the most fuel efficient.  Also, when making a dish where different temps are required in a short time, there are better choices.  I would never give away my cast iron dutch oven, tho!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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