Cooking homemade sausage vs store bought brands ??

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  1. I am considering making my own sausage to be smoked in my off-set smoker (trailer type). I cook brisket, ribs and pulled pork already, but trying to decide if I want to make my own sausage to cook with the other meat or just keep buying store brand.

     I have seen a lot of videos about making and smoking it, but they only talk about cold-smoking.  My question is...can you SAFELY cook RAW homemade sausage on a smoker that is running a temp of around 225-275 F using only regular spices  ?? 
  2. Hello and Welcome.  Please stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself.  Add a little detail about you're location so that we may better answer your questions.  So long as you follow the 40-140-4 rule it is safe to smoke your raw sausage without a cure.  Basically from the fridge to the internal temp of 140 in less than 4 hours.  That will include any preparation time, so I would stuff the sausage in advance and then back in the fridge to cook later.  There are many threads here to pass on recipes and techniques.  Hopefully others will be along soon with more info
  3. Thank you for welcoming me and a BIG thanks for answering my question. It's been playing on me and my wife's mind for about 2 weeks now lol.  I' ll come to Roll Call as soon as I can find it LOL.
  4. I see now that you are in Texas.  From Mathis, near Corpus Christi.  I now live in the U.K..  I can only get fresh sausage over here and it ain't nothin like home.  Has bread crumbs in it??  Have developed my own recipe and a local butcher makes it special for me.  About to build a fridge smoker now, mainly to smoke sausage.  Can't beat good ole Tx. smoked sausage.  Even have to special order a brisket.  I will post picts of a British store bought brisket soon.  Folks will cry.  Good luck and Keep Smokin!
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    Yes. You can cook/hot smoke fresh raw sausage without cure. smoker temps should be between 180 to 225 to reach an internal temp of 140 in 4 hrs depending on the thickness of the sausage. Take the sausage to a final internal temp of 160 and serve. 225 to 275 the sausage will quickly reach temp and take on less smoke due to less time in the smoker....

    Welcome to SMF
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    Ditto with Jo

    Sausage that will be cold smoked or smoked at lower temps should be cured. Temps for cured sausage are from 60* to 180* If your smoking at higher temps above 180 then your hot smoking in which cure would be your call.
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  7. Thank you and sorry it took so long to get back here
  8. Thanks Nepas !!!
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    Dont forget the qveiw...............[​IMG]
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    Just do as Joe and Nepas says and you will be a happy camper...

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