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  1. The half moon opening in the CC , does it have to be a half moon? or can it be a rectangle? and the feldon's calculator said I should use a 6 inch stack, would 2 3" stacks be fine? should I also make the firebox have a spot for fire bricks? I'm not sure I've never used a smoker with them.

    Thanks a lot Russ
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    DFY, morning..... Use the circle calculator  Circle Calc  in my signature line for the FB/CC opening.... It give more room inside the CC for racks of food...  Make the opening the same radius as the CC and the height of the opening what ever the calc. recommends...   

    2 3" stacks is 1/2 the area of 1 6" stack....

    The firebrick is up to you....  
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  3. Hello Dave,

    Good morning to you, thanks for the info, I will do some more math and get this build in high gear!

    Thanks Russ
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    In the circle calculator...... click on Radius and Segment Height ED.....  adjust the segment height number until it matches the sq. in. recommended in the Pit Calc for the FB/CC opening ...  that is the height of the opening using the radius of the CC....  then adjust the segment height until the sq. in. is 1.5 X's the FB/CC opening... that is the area under the RF plate.... and the Chord AB is the width of the RF plate needed to meet the criteria...

    That will give you the best possible combination for your RF smoker....

    For these numbers to work, and for ease in fitment, the FB must be at least as wide as the RF plate and 1-2" wider would be best.....

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