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  1. txsmoker76

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    Hi all,

    I'm having issues woth heat in the cook chamber. The middle of the cooking chamber reads 250 on a tel-tru guage, but on the side closer to the fb it reads 300. Should there really be a 75° temperature difference? There's a baffle plate installed right above the fb. Should I angle it down more?
  2. joe black

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    IMO, you should look into having a convection plate made similar to the Horizon type with the progressively larger holes coming away from the FB. If this does not sound right for you, check out tuning plates. I have the convection plate and it works great for me.

    How long is your CC ? The shorter ones usually give more problems than the longer ones. I guess the heat has more length to settle down.

    Good luck with it, Joe
  3. txsmoker76

    txsmoker76 Newbie

    Hey Joe, thanks for the response. My cc is just under 5 feet. I guess I could try the convection plate or tusing plates. I was trying to go old school and just have fb to cc.
    Should I have the tuning or convection plates made or is there a company out there that sell ls custom lengths?
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  4. joe black

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    You can check Horizon. They make convection plates for their smokers, but if the dimensions are close they will fit others. I had mine made when the smoker was built. It gave me the option for the length and the size of the holes.

    It should not be too expensive to have a fab shop just make one. Good luck, Joe
  5. ahumadora

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    Swap the guages to double check before you start hacking it apart.
  6. bowhunter3290

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    i know i made a plate from 14g steel and drilled holes in it progressively getting bigger and it is only 2 degrees difference 
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  7. txsmoker76

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    Sorry for the delay in response. Got way busier than I should've. Anyway, thanks for all the responses and info. I was planning on working on it today, but as luck would have it is raining again.

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