Cooking Ahead for the North Carolina Gathering May 13-15 - Pulled Chicken - QVIEW

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by phatbac, May 9, 2016.

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    Howdy! I am planning on going to the North Carolina SMF gathering next weekend and taking some food. So this past weekend i did come cooking for that endeavor. I cooking some pulled chicken for the event. i Started with 10# of chicken leg quarters and went from there. here are the pic step by step of the process.

    Started with the raw chicken and de-skinned it

    Oiled and seasoned the chicken

    For rub/seasoning i used roasted garlic and herb from McCormicks

    For oil i used Butter flavored Grilling Oil from Butcher BBQ

    I put the chicken on Black Betty ( a Mothers Day rack of spares to the left and BBQ riblets on the right)

    After a couple of hours the chicken was looking good (cooked at about 285-300)

    Here is the quarters off the smoker in a pan (look tastey!)

    I pulled and shredded all the chicken by hand (using food svc gloves of course)

    getting all the meat form the bones and pulling into small pieces.

    gentle kiss of smoked and a juicy well seasoned flavor made great chicken! ( i ate a whole thigh to test!)

    I vacuumed packed all the meat and put in the freezer for next weekend.

    Friday i will defrost and Saturday it will be heated and slathered in sauce and put on sandwiches 

    Thanks for the look!

    phatbac (Aaron)
  2. I'll get some nice rolls for sammies.
  3. phatbac

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    Great looking chicken Aaron. I'm guessing you ended up with some fantastic pulled chicken.

    Unfortunately, I much prefer breastfeeding meat, but the dark meat comes out SO much better.

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    Dawn autofinish. What I was trying to say was that I much prefer breast meat!!!! LOL

  6. phatbac

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     the dark meat came out great for pulling!


    phatbac (Aaron)

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