Converting wood/coal smoker to gas

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by camping hoosiers, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Everyone once in a while I see a deal on a horizontal wood/coal smoker. It appears relatively inexpensive to upgrade to gas.

    For those of you that have converted a horizontal smoker... what are your thoughts on it? Does it perform as you would like?


  2. Why ? Thats like converting a Rolls Royce to a yugo.[​IMG]
  3. LOL... I knew it wouldnt take long for one of "you" to show up!

    Why? Becaus I'm old, fat and lazy and like gas! [​IMG]
  4. Sorry C.H. Could'nt help myself[​IMG] Gotta go with ehat you like.Plenty of folks here getting great results with gas. I know nuthin about it but someone who does will surely be along shortly with some answers fer ya !!
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    What WD said.

    I love mine!!

  7. Check out the links in my signature to see how I converted my Brinkmann square vertical to use gas. I can switch back to charcoal in a matter of minutes if desired.

    And the mounting of the smoker helps with the "old and fat" portion. I no longer have to get on my knees to check my progress.
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    I have also used for my afterburner WSM kit. It's nice to have when I'm feeling lazy, admittedly I think lump or charcoal tasted better but it works. And I can switch back and forth in minutes.
  9. After leaving many (I mean a lot)bags of charcoal in the rain, and trying to maintain a good temp without a temp spike, I finally changed over to propane. I have a Charbroil Horz, The cheap one ,the conversion cost 40 bucks or so and some stuff I had laying around, I got a Cast iron low pressure burner and a Low pressure reg from Academy Sports $25, Flow control Ebay $10, Misc hardware Lowes $5. I use cheap tin bread pans covered in foil for the smoke, I can vary the temp from 220 to +360 degs. BTW I would think I turned mine from a Box stock V-6 to a 426 Hemi!!!!!
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    the afterburner works flawlessly. no regrets at all. i can acheive temps between 130* and 375*+. i just did an 8 hour jerky smoke and the smoker held 135* for hours, i decided i wanted to speed things up a bit so i ramped up the temp to 145* with ease. i think the horizontal conversions tend to use a bit more propane though. call Ed from gassmoker, he'll hook you up.

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