Converted Stick Burner In Action w/ Pics

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  1. Due to a couple of folks having to call off at the last minute I backed off the amount of meat I was planning to smoke yesterday but still did a nice cook for a few friends...and my precious little wife. After the rave reviews my turkey breasts got a couple weeks ago, that was the request for the day. I also decided to do a shoulder roast to make pulled pork BBQ with for dinner one night later this week but that didn't work out as planned. I cooked it, pulled it, and set it aside with a bowl of my BBQ sauce to add before putting it away. By the time everybody had finished eating though, there wasn't a single bite left....or much turkey for that matter. Somehow 8 people managed to go through almost 13 pounds of meat, 2 pounds of baked asparagus, and a huge pot of mac & cheese. I'm not complaining though. I take that as the highest compliment I could get. Next time I just know to cook about 3x as much as I think I'm gonna need :)  This was my third smoking session since converting to propane and am still amazed at the results and the ease of cooking.

    15 minutes and the smoker was up to temp. It stayed there all day and I never had to touch it

    A small handful of Apple Wood in the charcoal pan and a couple minutes later the smoke is starting nicely

    About 2 1/2 hours into things it's looking pretty good. The meat is starting to brown up and bark is forming.
    Shoulder roast to the left and turkey breasts to the right.

    Unfortunately that's all the pics I took. Friends started showing up and the home-brew started flowing so documentation went by the wayside. Sorry but beer always takes a precedent over pictures :)  All in all it was a great day. Beautiful weather, good friends, great beer, and outstanding food. The only drawback was that the neighbors kept sticking their heads over the fence (we live on a corner lot in a very active community) and asking when dinner was going to be ready. I guess the aroma was a bit enticing and got a lot of attention. Oh well...if that's the only drawback to an otherwise perfect day I can easily accept that. Have a great week everybody!!

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    C'mon just cause the beer is flowing doesn't mean you can't appoint an official photographer! Man it sure sounds like you had a great party, congrats. Soon you'll be wanting a trailer rig!
  3. Ok...ok...I digress [​IMG]   I will be doing about 30 pounds of assorted meats today to feed 40+ friends coming over this afternoon. I have three kegs of home brew chilled and on tap plus about 30 pounds more of side dishes and appetizers. The smoker is fired up, the turkey is going, and I have already started the documentation. Tomorrow will be another update with lots of Q-View from the converted stick burner. Sheesh...this is a tough crowd where documentation is concerned <grin>

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    [​IMG]  wish we could be there to help with the beer and the good food!  Looks like fun!  Keep up with the q-views....make us jealous!

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  6. could we see some picture of your conversion???
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    Do some ABT's......

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