Converted cheap electric smoker to propane.

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  1. One of my sons had given me this little True North (similar to a Lil Chief) electric smoker 3-4 years ago.
    It was non adjustable for temperature, and I really had limited success with it. So, I thought "what do I have to lose?", "let's turn it into a propane smoker".
    I removed the bottom tray where the little electric element was, and mounted an old 2 burner propane campstove. Presto, a great portable little smoker that is great for taking camping and backyard use.
    It has done 3 briskets, several pork shoulders, a couple Spatchy chickens, ribs and even baked apple pies.
    I mounted a bbq thermometer in the door, put hinges on the door, and use an AMPS.
    I can't help but to think of how many of these little smokers have been disposed of because someone bought one to try with limited funds, thinking they could do hot smoking with it, and were disappointed.
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    Excellent job!


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