Convection Smoker ???

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  1. I have been thinking of taking a fan that came out of a freezer so it does not blow with a lot of strength. Put on an extention and mount the fan inside of the smoker and the motor outside to see if that would not solve the problem of hot spots. Has any one done this and if so what is your thoughts?? The blade is metal.

    A convection smoker???
  2. You might want to research convection ovens and see how they work. Sounds like a good idea if the fan parts don't melt.
  3. The one i am thinking of using is all metal.

    I am thinking it would be good on mes or something like that. I hope to try it on one of my home bult smokers. Maybe even put it back in the large dbl door freezer i am comverting to a smocker.

    Just a thought i was hoping someone mite have some experiance with.

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    it might dry out the meat too fast....but would work great for jerky
  5. I no the excaliber or other expensive dehydrators have a fan but they are blowing the air across and out of the unit with the intent to dry. I have been told that all the commercial sausage maker use convection ovens/smokers for there sausage. Remember i am talking about a slow spining fan just to cirulate the air. Anyone with any experiance with such a critter? The fan that came out of the freezer is in a metal box and i doubt if it could blow out a candle within 6 inch of it. Just hopeing for some different thoughts.

  6. If it spins slow enough to just circulate the air with producing a cyclone it might just work. You could tune it with some type of deflectors or something too so the air moves the way you want.
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    Exhausted Spark, Morning. 

    I built a smoker a few years back with a fan. It had a somewhat long shaft between the motor and blade. It is installed at the bottom of the smoke box. The shroud is to keep stuff off of the motor. The aluminum plate is to open/close the exterior air supply. It allows a once thru air flow or a recirculating air flow, and the motor stays cool. With the heat on, you can easily dry meat. If I had an "Amazing Smoke Generator" when I built this set up, it would have been the perfect cold smoker.


    Looking down on the fan assembly. The shroud on the motor. The fan shroud. A deflector plate to redirect the air flow inside the smoke box. The fan shroud has an opening for recirculating inside air.


    This shows the air intake to the fan, CLOSED. Pretty much all the smoke and heat is being recirculated at this setting.


    When I lived on the coast, (Bellingham) this allowed for the heat to be on, and dry the meat, before adding smoke. When it rains all the time and the humidity is 90% this was a necessary addition.

    There are many ways to use this type set-up. It mimicks professional smokehouses.
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  8. I knew someone would come along with a great idea.
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    It seems to me you wouldn't want much airflow ?I was thinking maybe some type of brushless d.c. fan , like for a computer ? A little c.p.u fan or something of that nature . I have a small fan I would mail to you but I think it would blow too much air . The fan I've got sitting here I think is a 4 1/2 " it lights up with a blue led type glow . On a nearly dead 9 volt battery it felt about right . I guess it's for a computer case . It says 12 volt but I think it's somewhat variable . I was thinking something smaller that could be inside of a 3" diameter sheet metal duct ( or whatever size the hole for the chiploader tray is on an mes ) . Only problem on the mes , that would probably make the chips catch on fire to blow air directly on the chips . You may be able to just find an old computer on your street that you could scavenge a fan . I think the fan in my freezer blows a pretty good breeze . I guess it depends how large the smoker would be ? Some sort of 6 feet square smoke house or something the size of a 30 " mes ?
  10. Now that is cool. The fan i have as i said erlier came out of a commercial freezer. The blade is small and metal. The housing is sealed metal and in a metal box. I am thinking of just putting the whole thing in the box and you gave me an idea. I will make a metal tent to put over the top and make sure no drippings get on the unit.

    I wonder if it would make a difference whether being on bottom or on top of unit. I do have a picture of the unit i am thinking of using. It is the same unit that the fan came out of. Thank you for the pictures as that helps with the ideas.


  11. Probably on the bottom so it doesn't counteract the airflow of the smoke going up and out.
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    That motor is not rated to be in hot space it's air cooled.I worked on a convection smoker a coltons steakhouse .It was a old hickory unit it had a squirel cage fan at the top that was 10" to 12" a round and 2"to 3" wide. The motor less than 1/4 hp and was outside the case and controled by a pid.[​IMG]I even think thats a sealed motor because it too damp in a walk in for a open end motor .
  13. Yep it is sealed and i think i agree about interfering with the smoke on top so i will leave on bottom. I will build a tin pup tent to protect from drippings. I am trying to borrow a camera so i can get some pictures as i go along. Today was given 6 lbs ground venison so i am thawing now and later this after noon will mix with ground pig and start curing for some summer sausage.

    Yea i git to try out my new built temp control unit.

  14. Michail Ark

    I just reread the post you wrote. Do you think(Fan Motor) it needs air blowing on it or just make sure the motor is outside the smoker?? The highest i like to have my smoker is 165* and of course it still will hit 200 for a short time but that was when i was manualy adjusting the temp. I hope my new temp control will fix that.

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    I would say outside the cabinet .Just cut a hole big enough for the shaft to spin freely.The thought  with with old hickory was the blower was in the top to blow that heat and smoke back down to eliminate the hot spot in the top.The hotter the motor gets the more amps it will draw .This type motor does not have over heat protection cause of its application.So it will run till it dies.
  16. Thank you. I will plan on doing that. Now if this dang rain would git gone so i can start working outside.


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