Continue smoking after foiling?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by laspeck, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. laspeck

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    Smoked a full 12 lb. packer brisket on my gas grill a weekend ago for about 15 hours.  The recipe I was following called for me to foil the brisket once it reached 150 degrees which took about 3.5 hours to achieve.  Once I foiled it and added 1/2 cup combination of beef broth and water I shut down my amaze-n-smoker since I didn't think the smoke would be able to penetrate the foil.  Do you guys continue the smoking process after foiling or is it a waste of good smoke?  Also, after 11.5 hours the brisket internal temperature had risen to 190, but remained there for another 3 hours until I finally removed it!  Upon opening the foil, there was quite a bit of liquid that had built up inside the foil.  Do you think this kept the temperature from rising any more?  BTW, the brisket was delicious, even my wife like it and said she had never liked brisket I guess that was a good sign, lol!
  2. waterinholebrew

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    IMHO, there's absolutely no benefit of having your Amazin smoker going if ya are foiling.... There will be no more smoke soaked up by the meat thru the foil....
  3. bearcarver

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    150 is a little early to foil IMO. I usually foil at 165* or 170*. No sense smoking while foiled, and I never put it back on after removing foil. Most times I end my smoke while in foil.

    That juice shouldn't slow you down that much. What temp did you have your smoker at??

  4. hickorybutt

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    Agreed. I've found that if I were to wrap any earlier than 165, the bark hasn't totally formed yet. And the meat is likely still taking on precious smoke and combustion.
  5. laspeck

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    I kept the temperature at 225-230 the whole time.  It actually had a pretty decent bark for only 3.5 hours uncovered.  Will try waiting until 165 or so next time before foiling.  This should give more time to absorb smoke.  I didn't have the nice pink ring like I've seen some have.  I put a number of hickory and mesquite chunks in my smoker that came with my Weber grill which puts out heavy smoke for about 30 minutes.  Then I put my Amaze-in smoker in and left it smoking until I foiled.  If I recall, I put the fat cap up until I foiled then placed it down into the foil.

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