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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bowtieracin, May 20, 2011.

  1. bowtieracin

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    Hello to all I am going to be doing my first cookoff in a couple weeks I don't think is is kcbs rules if that matters and chicken Is a choice. My question is does it matter how you serve it up? Like pulled or is that not good and what cuts do most everyone use? Thanks for ny and all help!!!
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    I think they always use the thigh. I also think presentation is very important. Someone who competes will be along shortly to give you better answers.
  3. bowtieracin

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    Thanks AL this is all new to me just want to get it rite going in for the best chance coming outThumbs Upg
  4. ecto1

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    It is important to ask the organizers what rules and if it is sanctioned by any bodies.  If it is not KCBS it is probably going to be a chapter if the ICBA.  ICBA rules state that you turn in half a bird fully jointed.  If it is unsanctioned than you have to turn in what ever they tell you to.  If it is KCBS then it is up to you on what to turn in. (most turn in thighs)  Clear as mud right?   Most cook off have there rules printed out on a flier along with the entry application give it a once over.  If you have any questions ask them at the chefs meeting.  But you need to know what they expect you to cook so you can shop accordingly.
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    x2...................If you will be cooking thighs, I can PM you a great comp chicken recipe!
  6. bowtieracin

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     that would be awesome i will take all the help i can get!!! Sounds like i will be doin thighs.thanks for all the help!!
  7. africanmeat

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    Hi man good luck or as they say break a leg


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