Completely NEW to smoking, but NOT to Smoking Meat Forums!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by kindredcottage, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Hi All!!! I feel like I know some of you already because I've been visiting these forums and receiving the newsletter for years! So happy to finally join the family of smokers that I've been reading about all this time!
    I've been intrigued with smoking food for a long time, but was reluctant to buy a smoker because I wasn't sure how I wanted to smoke meat!! Old school, new school?
    Wood burning, charcoal? so I kept reading. and reading and reading!

    FINALLY figured out what I wanted and bought my Smokin It #1 today!!!
    now I'm ready to actually DO THIS!
    I'm Michele & I live with my husband and two Pomeranians that he calls Ratastrophies! we have a son currently serving in the Air Force, just like his Dad did for the 25 years of our 30 years of marriage! He retired then dragged us all down here to NE Florida 5 years ago after getting another job at another Air Force base! haha

    didn't mean to write a book, but I'm so thankful for these forums and how wonderful everyone is here helping people, especially us newbies!
    glad to be a part!


  2. Glad you joined the group. The search bar at the top of any page is your best friend.
    About anything you wanna know about smoking/grilling/curing/brining/cutting or slicing
    and the list goes on has probably been posted. Remember to post a QVIEW of your smokes.
    We are all smoke junkies here and we have to get our fix. If you have questions
    Post it and you will probably get 10 replies with 11 different answers. That is
    because their are so many different ways to make great Q...

    Congratulations on your new toy. I also have 2 poms. Thank your hubby and son

    For their service[​IMG].
    Happy smoken.
  3. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a cloudy and warm East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information                   on just about  everything

                 Please thank them both for me for their service

  4. garyhibbert

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    Hey Michele

    Welcome to the Smoking forum. You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have. Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right. LOL. Don’t forget to post qviews.


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