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    Starting off my new smoking hobby by inviting 120 folks over to eat a whole pig and 40 pounds of pork shoulder.  We had never smoked anything before so it was a complete experiment.  We have had a big green egg for a year or so and never really done anything in it.  Got advice from a buddy and forum member and went for it.  Turned out great.  We used a dry rub I found online and did the shoulders in the egg.  For the whole pig (100 pounds) we built a "carolina style" pit in the back yard out of cinder block  Welded up some grate and 3/4" rebar for the grill.  Had the pig butterflied and welded two ladders out of rebar that we sandwiched the pig between.  We then wired the ladders together - this allowed us to carry the pig to the grill and to the serving area and to flip the pig.  Bought a couple of thermocouple thermometers that were a tremendous help.  Used the same dry rub on the inside of the pig and kosher salt on the scored back of the pig.  Whole thing (not including construction time) took about 7 hours to cook.  Was a huge success and now that we have it built, we are looking forward to more experimentation on both the grill and the egg.

    Would love any advice.
  2. Hello and welcome, Sounds like you really had a good time and cook out, You didn't get any pictures by chance.

    Gary S
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    We did - here is the finished product.  You can see one of the ladders we built under the pig.


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