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  1. I'll be going hunting for elk in a couple of weeks and hopefully will be able to put some meat in the freezer.

    Now to my question.  I am in no way set up to start making sausage if I do get an elk so will I be able to freeze the meat and at a later date pull it out and commence making sausage?  I do plan on processing the elk myself for the first time and in the process grinding some for burger mixed with some beef suet.  For sausage later on I plan on cubing and freezing.

    Does this sound like a plan or am I way off base?
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    I have frozen elk for later use in sausage making with no problems. I didn't mix any of the grind with any fat though. My elk burgers were always good without added fat, and some of the grind I ended up making sausage with anyway. Had I added fat ahead of time it would have been difficult to get the meat/fat ratios right.

    Good luck hunting!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply!  The majority of our grind has no fat added, just that for burgers as they tend to fall apart pretty easy on the grill.  Good to hear that I can freeze the meat for later use and surprised to find out I can re-use grind for sausage also!
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    I freeze all my venison and then take out what I need for sausage making at a later time.  I freeze all my trimmings in 5 and 10 pound packs so it's easier for me to ratio the venison vs pork I need for the size of the batches I will make.  Freezing your meat in smaller batches is a lot better that freezing them in big portions and then thawing out too much meat at one time.  Thought I'd throw that out there [you may be doing that already].  Reinhard
  5. Hi there Andy. Good to here from  you. I miss seeing you when I go to Cabelas in Gonzales. Didn't know ypu moved out of the area.
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    AJBert, hey if you get one I can keep it in my freezer for you since so far I have just tag soup in there LOL Yep - freeze as needed. 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

    Good luck hunting, where you going??

  7. We moved up here back in June, just couldn't take the summers down there anymore!  I sure do miss working there and the people, both co-workers and customers.  Many of them told me I wasn't allowed to
    Don't worry, I've got room to fit an elk in there right now, but just barely.  My cousin and I will be hunting just east of Buena Vista and my brother and a couple of friends will be hunting just south of Poncha Pass.  Hopefully there will be plenty of elk to go around
    I really like the idea of 5 to 10 lbs in each pack.  I hadn't even thought of that.  Thanks!
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    As said freezing is fine. Be sure to pack tightly or vacuum seal. Dont want to make sausage with freezer burnt meat... good luck and happy hunting
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