Competitions in Minnesota?

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  1. Any competitions in Minnesota that anyone knows about? Would like to try my hand at one for the heck of it.
  2. I also live in MN and will let you know if I hear anything.  Depending on where you live there is usually a rib contest in my area.  But it is somewhat small.  Just thought I'd let you know.  
  3. Thanks Tucker, I'm in East Central Minnesota right on I35. About 45 minutes North of St. Paul
  4. Mackenthun's Fine Foods in Waconia, MN is hosting our 10th Annual Rib Fest Competition July 20th.  

    Space is limited, register now, it's filling up! 
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  5. I live in La Crosse, Wi and am doing the Med City BBQ comp in Rochester, MN on August 9th-10th. Still room available the last I checked for more people.
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  6. There's one in Watertown, SD on July 19th & 20th...staged on near a lake for some great views I bet..[​IMG]

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