Competition Practice on the Fridge

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    So had another day off from work and decided to do a full practice run on the fridge for a competition in 3 weeks. Plus it would be a time to try some new rubs and Chef Jimmy's Foiling Juice. I will take some Q views that I will submit later. Below is what I plan on doing.

    6# Butt - Injected with Apple Juice / Apple Cider / Imitation Butter. Started at 275* and will drop to 250 Once the ribs are ready to go on. Rub'd down with a new concoction I came up with yesterday. Spritz every 45 Min. Same Spritz as below.

    3 Slabs Spares - I put 2 slabs in a food saver bag and dumped a bottle of baja marinade in it. Vaccuumed out all of the air and let sit over night then rub'd down in the morning. Last rack I just did a regular rub. Going to Smoke at 250* for 3-1-2 with a spritz every 45 minutes. Spritz is a mix of apple cider, apple juice, amaretto liquor, and cherry syrup. 

    Chicken thighs - cleaned most of the fat off the skin. Put all thighs and skins in a vaccuum bag with a bottle of Olive garden Italian dressing. Sucked out all of the air and let sit over night.

    Current Setup with detachable firebox and BBQ Guru Dual fan setup

    Will post more later
  2. Very Nice Set Up!!

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