Competition BBQ Smoker Trailer / Full Reverse Flow 1/4 inch Plate Steel

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    04/12/16 Update: SOLD
    Thanks for all the inquiries
    Grizzly will be going to a good home
    For all those that tried undercutting my price, you can't build one for this, you missed out...
    This is a custom made Smoker Trailer built from a 250 gallon propane tank. The boat trailer its mounted to was from a 25 foot Cobalt tri-hull. If you know anything about Cobalt, you understand how heavy their built. The trailer originally had surge brakes built in from the factory so you can imagine it had a high weight limit. The surge breaks were removed and scrapped when I started this build. The trailer has 15 inch wheels for smooth highway travel. 

    Each aspect of this build was custom fit and fabricated by hand. All of the add-on steel from the fire box to the reverse flow baffle is fabricated from 1/4 inch plate steel. There was no expense spared. The reverse flow baffle has an angle iron V built into the center as to allow for drippings to gather in the middle and drain to the front and out the bottom. The fire box doors were salvaged from an old Grizzly Wood Burning Stove. As you can see in the pictures, the vents are built into the bottom of each door and can regulate the air flow as needed. I had original plans to add a second story set of meat racks to the interior, but never got around to it. The existing racks slide out so you can add and take off meat. I used heavy gauge expanded steel for the meat racks and the fire box rack, not the cheap stuff, the HEAVY Expanded STEEL for years of service. Its only the Wife and I, so I can no longer justify cranking this beast up. This thing holds 225 degrees for hours on the same load. You cant believe how well the heat stays steady. Its because of the heavy plate steel. I tow this around with my light utility SUV so nothing to worry about there. I just added a spare tire kit for safety when towing. 

    Till recently, this rig was catering a friends Bar & Grill with plenty of room to spare so its a well seasoned work hoarse with plenty of experience. Each door has 550 degree River Country Smoker thermostats. One side was recently broken. Their about $20 each. The tires & rims are 15 inch and in better then good shape for many years of hauling to your favorite event. I might cry when you haul this off because I put blood sweat & tears into this build. Ill be sorry to see it go but it must be. The meat you see on here is home made pepper bacon slabs. You will also see Cheddar & Swiss Cheeses. I do this in the winter time with a COLD SMOKE Method. I just wanted to show you the relativity of how much product you can put into this smoker at the same time. The last pictures show my build in process so you can understand the quality inside the smoker that you cant see from the outside. This will be a cash deal and I'm firm on my price. Please don't call & offer me something less as I have about $1800 invested in the materials alone, plus trailer. This is a steal at $2000. I don't need anything, so no barter offers either please. Maybe you can be the next owner of my Grizzly...
    BTW.. I forgot to mention that this rig is a 2 time Pit-Master Competition award winner..​
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