Compare charcoal to electric smoking. Flavor and texture.

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by viper, May 29, 2011.

  1. viper

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    I am really fighting some flavor issues with an electric smoker.  Not much smoke flavor, maybe even a little off flavor.  Almost tastes "oven baked" rather than smoked.  The last pork butt I did had no smoke ring, minimal smoke flavor, and a "porky" taste kind of like bacon.  Really cannot blame it on the run because that really does not get inside the meat much. 

    On this one, I injected 12 hrs before with apple juice and a few spices.  Rub has the typical ingredients.  I did not use any mustard this time though since it adheres pretty well. 

    I cannot help but think the electric could be giving me some odd flavors.  I know there is no oven that will touch the flavor of an open flame grill so sort of wondering if I have a similar situation?  Would be real curious to hear real experiences. 
  2. scarbelly

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    What smoker are you using?

    I have a SmokinTex 1400 and have been very happy with it. I did give up on the chunk box and use the AMNS 100% for both hot and cold smokes. Did ribs, beans and a couple of Onions yesterday and all were mighty tasty.
  3. viper

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    MES 30 is what I have now.  In the past, I used a conventional offset smoker.  I don't remember ever having this sort of problem. 
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  4. scarbelly

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    Lots of folks with MES make great Q - If it were me I would invest in the AMNS for sure. Lots of choices with it.

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