Commercial Vertical Reverse Flow Build

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    My friend has asked me to build a smoker for his restaurant. After doing some research I think that a vertical reverse flow design would suit his needs well. I do have a few questions, and was hoping someone could shed a little light on the subject.

    I have seen designs that utilize a water pan in place of the deflector plate and also seen differences I opinion on thickness for the deflector plate/ fire box. I'm planning on using 10ga for the inner and outer walls, the frame would be 2" square tube. Could I insulate the fire box and deflector in the same manner?

    I also like the idea of framing the chimney in the wall but was wondering about the inlet and outlet size. Planning on making the cook chamber 4' on the inside and the fire box 1' on the inside give or take... Also planning on running the false walls up the sides and was wondering how big the smoke inlets should be.

    I've seen a lot of designs that use gate valves for the air inlets in the fire box. Dual? Location? Side or front?

    Finally, I'm a metal fabricator by trade, and was worried about heat warping from completely welding the outside seams. I have been contemplating fastening the inside and outside panels with thru bolts and capping the seams with angle. Has anyone attempted this. Pros or cons?

    Any info would be much appreciated or any sides thoughts would also be welcomed. Thank You.

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