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  1. I have just obtained the tall two door unit pictured on the right above.  The warmer control that is at the top has failed and is no longer on the unit. It is 25" wide x 31" deep x 5" high.  There is an adjustable vent at the top of each door and each door has a good seal and a solid latch on each.

    My plans are to put a top on it with a 4 or 5 inch chimney with a damper so I can use it to help control smoke and temps.  I was going to install two adjustable vents right at the bottom for air intakes for the burner.  Also adding two dial/stem thermometers into it one towards the top and one about half way up.  I was going to mount the burner right on the bottom of the unit with a steel plate above it to put my chip tray on.  Cutting a small hole in the side to run the gas line through to attach to the burner.  Was going to use a 5 PSI regulator with a needle valve to control the flame as I want to use temps between 150 F and 350 F.

    I have few questions for the community:
    • What type of burner should I use a low pressure round, high pressure round or a tube type?
    • Would all three of those burners work with the 5 psi regulator I am planning on using?
    • How far apart should I space the racks inside it?
    • Are there any other suggestions to make this mod a success?
    I look forward to hearing from the community on my project.  I am hoping to have it all done in a month or two and will post pics of the unit and the progress along the way.
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    I would NOT use propane in that unit.... use electricity.... MUCH safer...
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    First let me say  [​IMG]   to SMF enjoy the sight. You will receive a lot of info to help you take all safety precautions and follow what you feel is the best info for the job you want to do. Good luck.

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