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  1. I've got a couple 3 door beer coolers out of a store that I want to turn into a smoker, just want some thoughts on the glass doors they have. Should I remove the glass of can I keep it in?? What's your thoughts?
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    I would leave the glass in.  Mine had three sheets of glass in it until the wind and grill had a dual with the door. The inside and outside were high temper shatter proof glass.  Mine is used as a cold smoker now, but was used to hot smoke in the beginning also.  The internal fans will help with smoke circulation.

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  3. Ok thanks for the help! So it won't be to hot then for that glass?
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    The glass can take the heat.  Just keep your heat source away from it so it can heat evenly with no stress which could cause it to crack.  If it has light fixtures in it as mine, I would keep the heat on the low side of hot smoking, 200° range for example.  Of course cold smoking will not be a problem.  They are very well insulated so keep an eye on the temps in the beginning.

  5. Ok great! Thanks Tom, that was my concern. I really doubt I'll go over 200 and the other one I'm gonna either make a cold smoker or a fridge to do dry meats.
  6. Here is a shot of mine without the glass which I shattered on accident when the door swung open. Good luck with the build


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