College Football Kickoff smoke - Butt, breasts, ribs and nuts.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by isitdoneyet, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. isitdoneyet

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    Did a smoke today for the college football season kickoff.    Butt, Breasts, Ribs, and Nuts

    Go Buckeyes!!

    Wife took our youngest to the other game up north. (House divided).

    So had an empty smoker and little time on my hands.

    BloodyMary tasted pretty good.

    Pork butt on at 6:00

    Bourbon marinated turkey on at 9:30

    Smoker at 275 with A-MAZE-N oval filled with apple, cheery, and oak.

    Turkey done at IT of 165. Will be wrapped and held for slicing later for lunches.

    Ribs and nuts in process.

    Pork pulled.

    Ribs done and had ready for son and wife when they came home.

    Very good day smoking. Everything turned out great.

    Had time to do some lawnmower maintenance (sharpen blades)

    Time to watch Buckeyes win also.
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  2. b-one

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    Looks good,a couple good games today as well.
  3. redheelerdog

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    Dang it man, that looks fantastic! You done that right.

    Keep up the good work. Game on!

  4. No Qcam, but put some bones out for about 5 hours today, and dang, were they festive.  Drug a TV out, got to watch my Coogs kick the OU cheaters in the stones and send them back north across the border (thank you for propping up the Houston economy, crimson and cream:  now leave), Ags nearly poop the bed with the UCLAs, and wrapped with part of the Alabama massacre.  Great way to start the holiday weekend! 
  5. smokinal

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    Man that's some great looking Q your putting out!

    Everything looks delicious!

  6. mike5051

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    Nice job!  That all looks amazing!  [​IMG]

  7. Beauty👍

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