College football day ribs

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  1. So After trying diff versions of 3-2-1 , 5-6 hour low an slow ... No foil... Just haven't been quite satisfied with my cooks on the wsm the past year... Yea they were good, but just never the right profile I was looking for .... 3-2-1 was fall off the bone tender,and which most my friends loved .. But I was never happy with the the the texture of the meat and lack of char or crust on the outside ..nor the amount of sauce slathered on .... The 5-6 hour low an slow just seemed a little to dry no matter how much I spritzed I went back to the way I used to cook on my kettle ..... Put 2. Racks of ribs with a salt ,pepper garlic,and cummin rub on the smoke at 275 on lump mesquite with a little kings comp ... The temps drifted to 300-325 most of the cook which took 3 hours ...At 1-1/2 hours in I started stacking and rotating the position every 15-20 min until I pulled them .. No need for spritzing as they were self basting... No pics of fancy plates nor sides ...they were cut and eaten as soon as I was done cutting .... Ribs ...No Fannn-cy Forks needed....just pig!!

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  2. Nice smoke ring!
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    Mmm...those look terrific!  Very nicely done!

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    Great job! I like the higher temp smoke too, and naked ribs! Looks super tasty!
  5. those look pretty darn good. I heard a while ago that pig fat melts of 275* making the meat juicier .

    I've never tried it tho but I will tomorrow. I always smoke at 235- 250 and usually there is still a lot of

    fat left on the spares .
  6. Once the bark started forming , I stacked ... When I went out to spritz with juice and rotated the position ,spritz wasn't necessary ... I really love how these came out ... They had a nice tug but meat pulled from the bone cleanly .... I really had grown tired of eating ribs that had become sauce dependent and sweet ... I wanted ribs that the juice from the meat ran down your fingers .... Not sauce ... But that's just me, so from here I'm gonna experiment with some short foiling time buttered ,sugared and sauced,fall off the bone for my friends that like that style... But I'm keeping the high heat on the wsm for spares from here out... May try some baby backs this way too...
  7. Looks like you found the recipe to get them the way you want.  Beautiful looking ribs!
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    I'm with you, simple ribs like these are really the best! And getting them done faster is a nice bonus. Anyway, nicely done!!

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