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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by gadsden 1, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Ok, first things first, my friend at work made these sausages from an old family recipe that he and his dad worked on.  I just bought the raw sausages and smoked 'em.....then of course I devoured all I could handle!  Used apple, mesquite, and hickory in equal proportions.  Took em off when they hit 180+.

    This guy knows how to make sausage, I just got lucky in smoking them!  Thanks James!  They were as good as any I've ever had in TX, or OK, or GA, or anywhere for that matter!

    I also made from scratch my first batch of BBQ sauce using my rub recipe and some tomato sauce and was that stuff delicious, I simmered it on the stove for a few minutes and man did it go well with the sausages!!!  [​IMG]

    Very full and happy!!  Check out the Qview!

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    Nice looking sausages, my problem with good sausage, I know I should get up before I explode, but I just can't do it.

    Looks like a great meal!
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    180 is really over done. I am sure they were good but at 165°F they would be amazing. I guess you can't post a recipe but can you describe the flavor profile a bit more...JJ
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    That is really good info, thanks JJ....I erred on the side of caution since I know he puts pork and beef into these sausages, I wasn't really sure how long to do them, so I waited until they looked done (about 2 hrs @ 250) and took a reading with a probe, and it went to 180 and pulled 'em off and devoured some.  They were still very juicy and tasty.

    So more on the flavor profile:  They are always juicy and firm, but never fatty.  By that I mean no big chunks of stuff you don't want to eat.  These had a small amount of jalapeno in them which yielded a very nice but not overpowering lower level heat.  There is some savory spice in them that I can't place, but it makes them have an attribute that makes your mouth water and you to smack your lips.  No anise seed that I perceived, but I'm sure salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, maybe some cayenne or even chili powder?  I would say his sausages are more savory than spicy.  His blending of meats makes them very juicy and full of natural flavor, and the minimal spices just serve to enhance, rather than create flavor.  When I thawed them I accidentally damaged some of the casings and the meat leaked out of a few, I just put this on the grill and cooked it too.....this part was a spicier/hotter product than the rest, but still delicious.  I've had a lot of sausage at a lot of places in Houston and the surrounding areas, in Tulsa, Virginia, and Georgia to name some of the best.  All these guys have great spicy sausage links that are enhanced by great sauces.  James' sausages, are better than all of them.  He makes several types, these spicy links (mild, moderate, hot), a wonderful peppercorn summer sausage that is to die for with cheese and crackers.  I bought a 5 lb. bag for a fundraiser at work to raise money for a company smoker.  I should have bought 100 lbs and a new freezer!

    I also have to brag a little about my sauce.  My first attempt was not perfect, but darned good.  I think another couple of attempts and I may be on to something truly special.  I used my rub recipe as a spice base, which I developed using SoFlaQuer's recipe as a seed.  I've meandered quite a ways from his recipe, but wanted to give him credit for the beginning.  I know some don't like the sauces on good smoked meats, but I'm a big fan of the sweeter, savory sauces on most of my stuff, especially the sausages.  I need to try my sauce on pulled pork and pork spare ribs.  I love my dry ribs, but I'm thinking the saucy version could also be fantastic.
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