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Discussion in 'Pork' started by miked, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. For those of us in cold weather ares, (And we've had plenty of that this winter) I've found it very difficult to maintain the temp in my smoker.  Since I didn't want to wait until Spring for my next smoked ribs, I simply wrapped my smoker in some spare insulation and found it worked remarkably well when the outside temp was 25 degrees. In retrospect, I could have partially wrapped a portion of the domed lid also.

  2. Calgary alberta canada was -15 -23c with wind chill. I wrapped mine in the aluminum foil insulation u use for heating and cooing of heat vent for your house. Comes in a roll of 30 feet and aluminum foil tape. Works grate and in the summer it keeps it cooler cause it reflects the sun. Happy smoking
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    That is a good idea. You might want to check the rating on that insulation. It looks like basic insulation which carries no heat rating. Truckguy had a great idea using foil backed insulation since it is usually rated for higher temps.
  4. Yes, Truckguy had a better plan. I'll definitely be upgrading my insulation to something less flammable.  LOL.  But this is all I had on hand when I wanted to smoke my ribs.  Thanks Truckguy!
  5. I would be afraid of getting some of it in the food. That would be worse than getting it under your skin.Try a welders blanket.

    Happy smoken.

  6. Yeah mine was a fool proof idea and like I mentioned. In the summer it reflects the heat. I just did my first brisket this weekend. It wss - 15c and the smoker stayed at 190 for the entire 10 hrs. Works great and looks pretty dam cool and clean. like a brand new shiny f150 Eco boost. They glitter in the sun.

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