cold weather smoking ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by capecodcarl, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. hi...  I was planning on smoking ribs tomorrow in a masterbuilt 30" electric smoker but its going to be about 40 degrees out....should i just plan on longer times or stick to the 3-2-1???  thanks
  2. The smoker doesn't know what the outside temp is unless you tell it. As long as you can get chamber temp ( and you can with a MES) Just pretend it is nice and warm and smoke as you always would.

    Happy smoken.

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  3. thank you!!! sound great to me... still new to all this and I know it wont perfect but I'll take all the advice i can get
  4. twoalpha

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    Had 40's in NC yesterday and ribs turned out great on the MES 30 without extra time.
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  5. raastros2

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    The only way to get better is get out there and smoke! And dont worry bout mistakes cause its always edible! Even the worst smoke still taste pretty dang good:grilling_smilie:
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  6. garyinmd

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    The only thing to change is it will take longer to preheat and for the temps to steady out, I would preheat for around 1 hour

  7. Be sure and post pictures

  8. Ok here are the ribs..only second time I made them I think they came out great.  Didn't foil them at all took bout 6 hours. They maybe could of gone a little longer, but no one complained and I'm sure not.  Thanks for all the help today.  I threw some chicken in for fun...

  9. All looks great, those ribs have fantastic color

  10. garyinmd

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    Looks good, they will only get better and when you think your have the best you will still change something to try and make them better.  That is was is great about what we all do here is constant change and trying different methods.  Keep good notes and remember to always make it fun, most mistakes are still great eats.


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