Cold weather smoking issue!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by grizsmoker, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. grizsmoker

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    My plan was to smoke a few racks of spare ribs this Saturday, but looking at the weather forecast I think I might have to reschedule.

    The temp on Saturday morning is supposed to be around -8 degrees. I know my MES smoker can handle the chilly weather, but this old smokee cant.

    I think I'll wait until it warms up a bit, lets say maybe 0 degrees or so.

    [​IMG]  Brrrrrrr.

    I am becoming a wimp in my old age. 
  2. I'd say you're pretty rugged. It takes a lot less cold than that to keep me inside. Besides, surely you have a few smokey leftovers in the freezer just waiting for the cold weather. :xmas_snowman:
  3. canadianbacon

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    I smoked jerky yesterday at -15 and today at -20. I have a thick old blanket i have modified to allow air flow and holes in the top air vents to escape, Just cut holes with a knife. It worked great. doing a batch of jerky right now with some ribs. It comes out fine for me...Takes longer tho to dehydrate, the smoking part is fine tho. I enjoy smoking in the cold because i find that there is less chance of the smoker getting to hot and cooking my food :(
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  4. grizsmoker

    grizsmoker Fire Starter

    Canadianbacon, I am not worried about the smoker being able to handle the temps. I am worried about the wimpy old guy running the smoker. [​IMG]  Brrrrr!!!!
  5. canadianbacon

    canadianbacon Fire Starter

    I'm sure  a whisky would warm ya up outside lol. I actually like smoking in the cold better, Its more relaxing then sitting under the hot sun with hot smoke blowing in my face. But at 0 degree it would be ideal. do you move the ribs on to the bbq or oven right after there smoked or just Finnish em in the smoker?
  6. grizsmoker

    grizsmoker Fire Starter

    OK I have decided to go ahead with my rib smoke tomorrow.

    I need my ribs to be ready by halftime of the University of Montana vs. Coastal Carolina University football game(around 2pm). As you can see by the temps I might have to amend the 3-2-1 rib cooking method a little.

    Here is my plan.

    6 am- coffee

    6:30 am- fire up MES30.

    6:40 am- light apple pellets in AMNPS

    6:45 am- Irish coffee, Bailey's and Jameson Irish Whisky

    7 am- put ribs and AMNPS in smoker (holy crap its cold out there!!)

    7:05 am- Irish coffee

    7:15 am- say a little prayer for some divine help to keep the pellets lit and producing smoke so I can limit my outdoors exposure.

    7:30 am- Irish coffee, repeat when necessary

    10 am- puts rib in tented foil pan, add some apple juice, Brrrr its cold out there

    10:15- am- Irish coffee

    11:45- almost kick off, Jameson on the rocks, Not as cold out, Jameson is doing its job

    noon- kick off of football game

    12:15- remove ribs from foil, place back on racks in smoker, sauce 2 racks, leave 2 racks naked, Still f-en cold out!!

    1:15- pull apart a couple ribs to check for doneness, Don't seem to care as much about the temp anymore.

    1:30ish- Remove ribs from smoker, Tent ribs and let rest until halftime

    2 pm- Enjoy ribs with a glass of Jameson on the rocks

    Ill let you know how it goes, wish me luck!! And GO GRIZ!!
  7. frosty

    frosty Master of the Pit

    Perhaps an insulated cup might help, an I don't mean keeping the coffee hot.When the high of the day is -3, it ain't no "heat wave".

    Well good luck all the way around! [​IMG]
  8. If you can find yourself an Australian Outback coat out the in Mountains of MT, buy it and use it.  I have one; it is good to -40 with 60 MPH wind added.  It has an Artic fleece inner coat and an outer coat with a soft nylon interior, next layer is rubber then the outer layer of this part of the coat is heavier nylon,  The two parts zip together, and can be taken apart.  I wear the Artic fleece jacket alone, to about 10 degrees F.  It is the best cold weather coat I have ever owned.
  9. foamheart

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    I am guessing the antifreeze is worth the chill. Around here its tuff sometimes to find a snake when we need the snakebite medicine. I try to keep a couple a snakes caged back of the garage just in case.
  10. You guys are tougher than me, 27 here in East Texas, My Smoking plan. Sit in my recliner look out the door at my smoker, think about it warming up so I can fire it up, and just post comments on SMF.  Maybe go eat some catfish later.


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