Cold VERY Windy day - Wings on the 14.5 WSM

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ben cartwright2, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Even though it was cold and extremely windy today I decided to do chicken wings. Have to split them into two batches, one on the grill for the wife, she only likes smoked ribs a couple times a year, and the smoked ones for me and the boys.
      This is why I got the 14.5 so I could do 9 wings with very little charcoal.  I didn't want to crowd the wings so I put 6 on the top rack and 3 on the bottom rack. This was my first cook with Wicked Good charcoal. I was surprised by the size of the chunks, some were almost brick sized, good for my 22.5 but too big for the14.5.
       With the heavy wind I double wrapped the 14.5, my normal 14.5 wrap is just the height of the WSM and sits on the cinder blocks that I have it sitting on, with the big wind it will come up under the insulation so I used my taller wrap to go around the cinder blocks and the WSM. This setup held a steady 325 the entire cook ( except when I took the picture right after putting on the wings, then it was still working back up to 325)
       I ran both set of wings in the WSM and the Silver B for almost the same time, the WSM 60 minutes and Silver B 45 minutes indirect (front and back burners)

    I like chicken because I am cheap and so is it.  I was looking at a brisket at Costco and ouch on price.

    The dark wings are the smoked ones.

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    Nice Looking Wings, Ben !!![​IMG]

    Don't look like enough if Hoss stops by!!!

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    Looks great! :)

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