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  1. What is the best smoke pistol or smoke generator  on the market and where is the best place to get one .I was looking at the one Lem has not sure on that one so if anyone has some thoughts on that it would be appreciated
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    I have the Big Kahuna from Smoke Daddy Inc attached to my smoker grill. The design allows you to add smoke without heat inside the chamber. Uses hardwood charcoal as the fuel and anything from wood chunks, chips or pellets for smoke. Also takes up no space inside the grill which is nice with a full grill

    a lot here love the AMNPS too. Lot of smoke options between dust and pellets
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  5. That's the problem is  I  see that they say continental usa  which puts us up here in Canada  that we can.t order from them oh well we keep looking
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    Smoke Daddy will ship outside cont USA. Just call them or send them an email and they will quote with shipping
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    Nice find Dave. Good assist
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    Simpilist smoke generator to use is the tube smoker. I have the 6",12",18" and they all work great. New fans, pipes or anything else needed. Place in the smoker light, and go.
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    Before purchasing any smoke generator, consider the amount of smoke you will want to use (heavy or light) for the product you are smoking.  Most likely you will end up with different generators for different jobs.

    Personally, I have settled on three makes, AMNPS, Smoke Daddy (Big Kahuna & Magnum), and the Poly Science Smoking Gun hand held food smoker.  With these, if it can be consumed it can be smoked, from water to water buffalo.

  11. Thanks I will give them a e-mail
  12. Thanks Tom I don't think I will be smoking any water buffalo's  but mostly cheeses any few other things that need cold smoking 
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    LOL, well I agree I probably won't either, but I could.  As far as smoking cheese, you can smoke blocks of cheese with the AMNPS or Smoke Daddy's using the longer smokes or by using the hand held smoker, you can put a quick layer of smoke on sliced, shredded or soft cheese in a matter of minutes.
  14. Thanks I will have to read up some more on it I wold like to about  half pound blocks of cheddar may only start out with one or two to make sure it doesn't kill me
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    Don't be afraid to go for it and smoke more than a few pounds.  In the end you'll wish you had. this was my first stab at it and all I can say is that it is loooong gone.

  16. I Live in Canada and just got a A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker from Ontario Gas BBQ. They are in Canada here is the website they have a lot of great things check them out.

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