cold smoking with my landsman electric smoker

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  1. Craig, you should be able to fit the AMNPS in one of the bottom drawer compartments of your smoker. We don't know because we don't have your smoker. If it don't fit there, you can put it on the bottom rack inside your smoker even. The AMNPS would go inside of your smoker and burn pellets or dust. 

    As far as your chips, the reason they don't stay lit well for your caseless sticks is because the element isn't firing very much when smoking at such low temps. For smoking pretty anything else requiring 225+ temperature in the smoker, they will do just'll just be replenishing them as they burn on like normal.
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  2. fratthewcraig

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    Has anyone made a homemade amnps? or something similar.  I love this hobby but ive put alota $$ into it already and building stuff is fun!
  3. Todd has the scratch and dent version for $22.50 and free shipping at totals of $34+ right now. Including the time and materials it would take to make it, I'd spare myself the headache. I'm a diy'er at heart also. But some things are just better left to the pros. Here's the link to the scratch and dent, this is what I bought and I didn't see any dents or scratches in mine when I got it.
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    i see, so the pellets go into the raised slits and than the rest is full of saw dust?

    i also saw one that looked like a big pill?
  5. fratthewcraig

    fratthewcraig Fire Starter

  6. I ordered one of the scratch and dent deals with a sack of pecan pellets, should be here tomorrow.That price was too good to pass up. I've always used hickory pieces from a local handle factory but now will be able to cold smoke some cheese.
  7. Watch this illustrates how the AMNPS should be used.

    The bill pill is the tube smoker from Todd. Burns for shorter amounts of time and is usually used by people looking to supplement existing smokers like pellet poopers or for people that are at higher altitudes because the holes are larger and allow more oxygen to contact the burning pellets.
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  8. I've never used anything like that, but from reading the description, which be sure to do, it appears that it marinades and tenderizes meats and fish under a vacuum thus doing it faster. I'd guess you could add dried spices to the mix, but you may want to consult with Todd himself or someone that uses them before doing that.
  9. I do love pecan and that's the same idea I had when I ordered it. You might find it difficult to keep pellets lit without any sort of heat going on in your smoker (I know I did), but you'll enjoy it none the less. I use the dust for anything below 180.
  10. bearcarver

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    A guy named Todd Johnson made a bunch of them at home years ago.

    They work Awesome!!

  11. ndkoze

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    I don't have one of these tumblers. But, from what it looks like it is primarly used for marinating whole pieces of meat. My guess is that this would not mix the spices into ground meat. The ground meat would just tumble around and the spices would only be applied to the outside of the meat.

    For ground meat, you would want a mixer like this one:

    These mixers have blades that help mix the spices into the meat as it cranks. I have a 50lb version of this and we typically only use 25lb batches, because while technically it would hold 50lbs of meat, the meat does not adequately get missed. You could maybe do 35-40 pound batches, but we have found that doing multiple 25lb batches is faster than fewer larger batches as it mixes so much faster with the smaller loads.

    Hopefully this helps.
  12. fratthewcraig

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    anyone have any info or threads on the homemade ones? looks like i will probably invest in the anmps tho
  13. cmayna

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    Going back to your original inquiry of cold smoking cheese,  I would consider getting one of Todd's AMNPS which can burn either dust or pellets.  I would not bother trying to make one.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Todd's smokers are not very expensive. As already mentioned, dust will smoke at a lower temp vs pellets, but through all my cold smoking, I found pellets generate a temp only about 10* higher than ambient.  So if you are  cold smoking on a pretty cold day or morning, you can simply use pellets.  You then have them available for hot smoking.

    I typically let the cheese sit on the racks for about an hours at room temp to allow their internal temps to raise up a little.  Then into the smoker for 3+ hours.  I use apple pellets.  Once removed from the smoker, let them sit still on the racks on the kitchen table for an hour.  I will then typically load a large tupper ware full of the cheese and fridge over night.  Next day I vacuum seal them up.
  14. cmayna

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    BTW,  my dust smoker (AMNS) is 6x6x1-7/8".   The pellet smoker (AMNPS) is 6x8x1-7/8"
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    I see.  I think the chips i use are burning at too hot of a temperature and not getting enough O2 to support a good slow low burn.  IVe been having trouble with getting a good smoke under 150.  I am going to stop soaking the chips and mybe try a pan of ice below the cheeses.  If all else fails i will purchase the anmps just looking at creative ways around it
  16. bearcarver

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    Don't put ice in your pan. This will add unwanted moisture to your smoker.

    Fill some plastic jugs 3/4 full with water & freeze them. Then put them in the smoker to cool things down.

    Like This:

  17. fratthewcraig

    fratthewcraig Fire Starter

    wont the plastic melt?
  18. cmayna

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    Remember, the only thing generating any heat in that pic is the dust in the AMNS which generates very little heat.   The smoker's heating element is not on.   It sounds like you are going to attempt to burn your chips dry using the smoker's heating element but with a pan of ice?   That will not work for cold smoking, especially of cheese.
  19. fratthewcraig

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    Yeah my plan was to use the element to heat up and smoke the chips and than have one pan above the element trying to keep the heat low than on the next level up a pan full of ice than next level up the cheese.  I smoked some cheddar and it did have that good smokey flavor but a little to melty.  I might try and start a fire with the chips outside of the smoker, blow the fire out than let the chips just keep smoking.  Ive been trying to find a way to turn my chips into sawdust.  blender works okay, its about 30% sawdust 70% very small chips
  20. Craig's point is exactly what we've been trying to say all along. For cheese, you can't run the element or the temp in the box will get too hot, and at the lower temps the chips are going to stop smoking....there's no question about it.

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