Cold Smoking Temps.

Discussion in 'Fish' started by old poi dog, Apr 23, 2009.

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    I am trying to cold smoke some salmon. From the little that I know, cold smoking happens at temperatures at or below 80 degree F. In Hawaii, few times that the temps go below 80s are in the evenings. So if I got a Smoke Daddy and attached it to my GOSM; would the cool evening temps and the smoke produced from the Smoke Daddy be enough to smoke the salmon? How would I know when I'm done?
  2. What river in Hawaii did you catch a salmon in?

    Are you making Nova Lox? Uncooked cold smoked salmon.

    Cold smoking is normaly done under 80* but some opinions I have read on the internet say 100*. Supposedly meat dont start cooking untill it gets to 100*. In my opinion you can tell its done by tasting the fish and decide if it has enough smoke flavor to you. I think if you give it a taste test every 1/2 hour youll get good results.I was kidding about the river.
  3. I have an offer to stay on Maui, anytime... would love to hear the salmon are being on the rivers there!!! ;)
    aka Rocky

    (reminds me I haven't horsed any salmon in ages, will think about that after I finish up this next batch of beef jerky, all 25lbs)
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    Nova Lox....Hmm...we already eat raw salmon as sashimi smoked flavored sashimi could be an interesting variation on salmon sashimi....Maybe I can get a 55 quart igloo cooler, but a bed of ice on the bottom, set up a rack in there, lay some salmon on the rack, hook up a Smoke Daddy, and drill a hole on the cover of the cooler to vent the smoke out ?

    Thanks for the link showing how to smoke salmon at temps above 100 F. I'll give that a try. No Salmon in our rivers here yet though.....I get mine from market or friends who go on Salmon fishing trips to Alaska. I gotta get on one of those trips in the near future.
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    I've done cold smoked salmon many times and if you are having trouble keeping temps down add a tray of ice cubes or better yet, pre-freeze a large block of ice and add to the smoker to keep temps down.
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    Here's a link to an Alton Brown Good eats show on smoking cold smoking salmon. The one thing he did that I didn't see you mention was curing the salmon.

    (Note: we block youtube at my job, so I can't validate that this is the correct one, but am pretty sure it is.)

    Here's the recipe for the cure:
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    Thank you for mentioning the curing part and links. Thanks for validating the part about using ice to cool down the smoker even furthur. I've been smoking mostly ribs lately, but now I want to try something else.

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