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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by donr, Oct 21, 2015.

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    I have cold smoked cured whole muscle meat (pork loins, hunks of beef) for quite a long time, days.

    How long is it save to cold smoke cured sausages?  I plan on cold smoking, then freezing some & hot smoking some.
  2. Hello.  I am not your cold smoking guy.  Hopefully my "bump" will get you answers; I will be watching and if not I will find someone to answer this for you.

    From my limited experience ( just my opinion ) your question depends on a few things:  Temperature.  Amount of smoke taste you want.  What you are smoking it in.

    Your MAIN question:  at what temp. for how long is safe!  Without going back and reading I can't answer that.  I know many folks who can so no worries there.  Contrary to what folks may tell you I don't know it all. Or is it they say I "THINK" I am a know it all; I get confused.  [​IMG]

    Sausage takes smoke differently than whole muscle.  Sausage will take smoke faster in my opinion.  So, how "smoked" do you want your sausage?  Yes! I have eaten smoked sausage I thought was too smoked.  It just SCREAMED! smoked!  No other flavours.  Just my opinion.

    Is this smoking done in a 2'x2' smoker or a walk in 10'x10' smokehouse with a fire in the middle?  The idea being: so long as the same temp is maintained; the smoke levels could be different which would mean leaving the sausage in the larger smokehouse for a longer period of time for the same smoky flavour.  Which brings us back to the main question.

    I will get you an answer.  Keep Smokin!


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