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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ziggy, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. I have recipe for sausage that require cold smoking in 70% humidity. How can achive this humidity in my smoker? I have refrigerator converted to smoker .

    Thank you
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    It would be helpful to know where you live and the typical air temp in your area not to mention what you are going to generate smoke with. When you say Cold smoke that can mean anything under 100*F. With out a Hygrometer you can only guess what the actual humidity is. I would think a wet but not dripping bath towel and a smoker temp above 50*F should get you pretty close...JJ
  3. Try to stay under 70 degrees F when cold smoking.

    A saturated salt solution (26% salt or more) will give you a relative humidity of ~75% at 70 degrees F without a lot of fuss.

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    Does the recipe call for cure?
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    Why the higher humidity?
  6. I am from Nj so from october to april cold smoking shuld be no problem as far as temperature. I use smoke daddy type somke generator. I get only extra a few degree warmer with this smoke generator.

    The recepe is  for dry cured farmer sausage  and call for cure #2. and asking for cold smoke at 75-80 degree  at 75-80 % humidity.

    Digging dog farm,  could you explain how to  use this salt solution

    Thank you
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    Place a cookie sheet on the bottom, Fill with 1/4" of salt covering the entire sheet. Fill with water so that its just slightly above the salt.

    Also you can use whats called humidity beads, these are often used by putting 1 lb of the beads into a new cut off foot end of a pair of pantyhose. Tie the end and soak the beads with distilled water. This is how cigars are kept with the optimum humidity of 70% R/H in an Igloo humidor. The beads are really cheap and can be re used over and over.


    Be careful with humidity and temps for this and make sure you use the cure called for in the recipe.

  8. Yes , it call for cure #2 so I will fallow.

    How would work if I connect my humidifier to the smoker and set on low   and get my 80%  that way?

    Any toughts?

    I am building the cure chamber presently, it shuld be ready in couple of weeks.

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