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Discussion in 'Info and Practices' started by hagar, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. hagar

    hagar Fire Starter

    My neighbors moved and gave me their old Brinkmann offset smoker. I cleaned it up, used bbq paint and installed the dryer hose to help with keeping the smoke cool. I used nomex gasket around the firebox and sealed up all the cracks I could see while the Smokin Wedgie was going. Took me a bit to get the draft dialed in but I think I have it now. I will be doing 19# of bacon next week so we shall see how it works.


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  2. smokinal

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    That's cool!

    Looking forward to seeing how your bacon turns out!

  3. uzikaduzi

    uzikaduzi Meat Mopper

    what's your plan with this? looks cool, but to me it seems like it's more of a type of reverse flow smoker now and it wouldn't likely be cooling the smoke since it's run is in the food chamber.

    i love making bacon... I used to use a hot plate, a pan, and wood chips and add a tray of ice if it was over 80 outside. I've recently bought an AMNPS and i'm pretty impressed with it... i'm getting a 10-12* increase above ambient temps with it on it's own and with ice i can actually be cooler than ambient temps.
  4. hagar

    hagar Fire Starter

    I use a smoking wedgie, similar to an amazn tube. If you look close you can see it in the fire box. There will not be any "fire" in the box, just smoldering pellets.

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  5. uzikaduzi

    uzikaduzi Meat Mopper

    Ahhh that makes more sense... I knew I must be missing something... bet that turns out some good cold smoke
  6. hagar

    hagar Fire Starter

    Maiden voyage for the cold smoker with 19# of BACON![​IMG]

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  7. uzikaduzi

    uzikaduzi Meat Mopper

    looking great... my wife doesn't eat bacon so i have to make it one belly at a time... i wish i could make it more in bulk like this. my kids can easily eat over a pd on the weekend themselves.
  8. crankybuzzard

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    Looking good!  I'm jealous, still too hot here for bacon or any other cold smokes.   It's 110 degrees in my pit right now, and that's just from the sun hitting it!

    Looking forward to your finished shots.
  9. hagar

    hagar Fire Starter

    Temp never got above 70 degs. Day was in the low 50s. So Im pleased with it so far.

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  10. hagar

    hagar Fire Starter


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  11. brodieb666

    brodieb666 Newbie

    That looks really good. How long did you smoke it for?

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