Cold Smoke Generator for the MES

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bud lite, Sep 18, 2009.

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    I've never had that happen and I've smoked for 3+ hours with the soldering iron going the entire time. The handle doesn't even get warm. What did you do different from the way I have mine set up in the pictures above? Or could the brand of soldering iron make a difference. Mine is a cheap Weller brand.
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    the only thing different, i have been using a 3/16 inch thick steel cylinder and a 20 year old Weller, made in USA. maybe the cylinder thickness wouldnt let the heat dissipate and caused the iron to overheat. got me a can ready tonight and will try a harbor freight chineese iron and see what happens. my 30 year old propane torch tip crapped out,and i cant light a lump of charcoal or chunk of hickory with out getting involved.
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    do you put the lit piece on the top or bottom (under or above wood chips)
  4. I just made the one in the picture above yesterday out of a stainless steel cocktail shaker from target and a couple of fittings from Lowes. Works like a CHAMP! I just heated a piece of charcoal on the side burner of my grill (only took a minute or two to begin turning to ash). I then dropped it in and placed wood chips on top of the burning charcoal. This thing poured smoke for over three hours. There is a hole on the bottom of the cup to allow for airflow.

    I'll publish specific build instructions, if anyone is interested.

    Semper Fi,

  5. I was able to do this in one day, between Target and Lowes. I went to Target and bought a stainless steel cocktail shaker. I looked at a bunch of other stainless stuff, like coffee mugs. However, they were insulated and I wanted a single layer of stainless. Then I bought everything else at Lowes.

    I drilled a 1/2" hole in the middle of the bottom of the cup (that is really hard stuff!). I then bought a stainless bathtub drain screen to provide some room between the inside of the hole and the burning woodchips.

    I then took a 3/4" T-fitting, a 4" piece of pipe, and the hose reducer thing (selected because the inner diameter was just enough to allow a small copper tubing to slide in and out. There was a little space left, but I found some small o-rings in the bathroom faucet isle which are PERFECT to seal the small tube inside the reducer.

    I mounted the t-fitting to the top of the shaker lid (after popping out the shaker lid screen). There are many ways to do this with a large washer on the inside, or by welding a plug to the cap and drilling a 3/4" hole. Once the cap is assembled, it is really done.

    To operate, I took a piece of charcoal and heated it up on the burner of my outdoor grill (5 minutes max). I then took the cup, made sure the bathroom drain screen was in place in the bottom, and I dropped the charcoal into the bottom. Then I filled the cup with dry woodchips (haven't tried anything else yet), put the cap on, and turned on the aquarium pump I use to keep baitfish alive on my dock. Now I had to slide the copper tubing back and forth to find the "sweet spot" which allowed a venturi effect to pull the smoke out the large diameter tube. Once I found it, I sat back for three hours and watched it go.

    Very simple design and assembly which works beautifully.Tonight I will be mounting it to my new 40" MES and I will be in business.

    I hope this helps.

    Semper Fi,



  6. Here is the above mentioned setup installed on my MES 40.


  7. she smokes (cold 102 to 105 deg.)   

    fierbox is 12' away  duct travels thru the ground and up to the center of the house thro a 6" clay tile

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  8. she smokes (cold 102 to 105 deg.)   

    fierbox is 12' away  duct travels thru the ground and up to the center of the house thro a 6" clay tile

  9. Beautiful Smoker ElkMaster!!!
  10. grasshopper

    grasshopper Fire Starter

    Very new to cold smoking. Are the chips soaked or dry, and what type of chips for cheese. Thanks Mike
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    that looks so cool ! I really would like to bulid one and giver a try !
  12. Great designs in the these "external" cold smoke generators. Just wondering how these compare with using an AMNS (with dust) or and AMNPS (with pellets) which sit inside the box for cold smoking cheese and similar. Does the AMNS/AMNPS heat up the inside of the MES box too much?  I ask because I want to try cold smoking some cheeses and already have an AMNS and AMNPS. I would make the effort, however, to fabricate an external cold smoker, like the examples in this thread, if it would be much better for cold smoking cheese and similar.
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    hkeiner, evening....  the AMNS or AMNPS  with dust generates little heat... using pellets generates more heat...... 

    Check this thread out....

  14. Bud Lite, you did this thread three years ago, do you have any updates in that time? Just curious if you have refined this mechanism?

    I have a new MES30 and just did my third smoking, today. I was curious about using the chip filler hole for an offset smoker and I'm so happy to have your plans to work from. Thank you and I'm impressed with what you have done.

    I'm still curious, have you refined the process over the years?  Thanks for your response!
  15. I used a AMNS pellet only in my MES30 and smoked 20#s of cheese in early May w/no electricity. Temp never went of above 72 degrees.came out great.

    Now that outside temps are below 70 I'm going to do another 30#s soon. (Swiss, provalone, and hot pepper.)

  16. I just smoked some cheese yesterday with the AMNPS inside my MES30 and had to pull it after about 2 hours because the temp was getting way to high, 115° when I pulled them. They had a nice smoke hue to them but I really want to control the temp better. I'm planning on building me a side box to put the AMNPS in a few feet away and pipe it in through the chip loader to see if that helps.
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    Here what some have done to put the AMNPS in for a side smoke box.
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    Try filling an old pan full of ice in the smoker to cool while you are smoking.
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    I got an AMAZN smoke generator and it doesn't do so good in the MES. The MES web site mentions the issue and recommends pulling the chip loading tube out and oull the chip tray out a little. The only way I got it to smoke completely is crack the door open. That's ok for cold smoking, but not so good if you are thinking of using it to replace loading chips.
    I first tried the tin can and soldering iron. The iron burned out after 3 sessions.
    I plan to cruz this site for more ideas.

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