Cold Smoke Attachment for MES 30

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  1.   Has anyone tried the cold smoke attachment for the MES 30?  I got one for my birthday back  he beginning of December and haven't tried it yet.  I wanted it to cold smoke fish, bacon, cheese, etc.  I have not had good luck getting my masterbuilt to put out much smoke below 190-200 deg, and wanted to have the option to go lower.  I am about to unbox it now, and was just wondering if anyone had any experience w/ it, good or bad.. tips etc.   Thanks Everyone!!
  2. Found the info I was looking for in the Cold Smoking section once I learned how to navigate this site.
  3. Have the cold smoke attachment and love it. I use a 8 ft 3 inch dryer vent pipe between cold smoker and mes 30. no heat in chamber.
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  4. That's what I'm planning on trying, want to smoke some bacon this weekend.  I plan to do some more researching on this site before I attempt it.  Thanks a bunch!!
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    i use mine to smoke bacon with out anything in between   but i am plaining to put a 3 or 4 foot peice between it and the smoker as soon as i get my 40 inch gen one MES going   im using a 30 inch right now but i love my MES cold smoker using it now to smoke a chicken and some baby back ribs
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    I have the same attachment only I use it for EVERYTHING I smoke. Tried all the others but none of them produce smoke as long and consistently as the attachment does. I originally bought it for cold smoking salmon but this worked so well I use it for snack sticks and summer sausage too. 

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