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    Coke-a-Cola, don't drink coffee. LOL
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    Diet Coke but sometimes I make a pot of coffee cause it smells good but tastes bad ! My x left the coffee maker with me 9 years ago when she took off . She also left me my daughter ! Life is good .
  3. I'll second Intelligentsia Coffee and home roasting. In fact, I just roasted a pound of Sumatra today.

    Most people don't realize this, but a lighter roast tastes much better. It won't be weak if you use the right amount of coffee. Darker roasts (all roasts at *$) taste burnt...but some people just get used to that. Try it light!
  4. it depends on the influances you have been exposed to. I used to prefer light roads untill I had a proper cup of blue mountian in jamaca. go to the middle east, greace, itilly, ect and have coffee there. on another note, I do not like most of starbucks dark roasts, they do tase burnt, but a proper dark roast should not take burnt or acidic.. if it does the roaster screwed up.

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    i thought the same thing, and i thought "WOW" didnt think it would go this far[​IMG]

    your welcom sir
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    so whats your fav choice in tea then, i keep some earl gray on hand, but i buy you can get bulk pretty cheap.
    also i get this black/green tea thats pressed into block, ill take a pic of it and post it shortly.
  7. pike

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    brick tea

    Shot at 2010-02-16

    By null at 2010-02-16
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    Can someone tell me why this thread is a sticky?
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    I noticed that it was getting a lot of play on a subject that I do not remember seeing in the past. So I stuck it. There have been similar threads stuck. Problems or questions feel free to PM me.

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    Just a big pot of community dark poast here.
    been drinking it for over 40 years. They roast it about 3 miles from my house and when the wind is right i can smell it on my porch.
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    I have been drinking dunken donuts coffee.I also like regular folgers.I would like to start roasting my own.I just recently have been reading up on it.Anyone out there who roasts there own have any tips for a newbie roaster?
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    I'm a little surprised some of you home roasters haven't mentioned the two types of coffee beans....robusta and arabica:

    I don't care much where it's roasted as long as it's a medium roast of Sumatra, Tanzania or Kenya arabica beans. Make that fresh roasted. As Reasnor says, go with a lighter roast but use more coffee to brew it. That's where the flavor and aroma is. Beyond fresh roasted, it also helps to grind your own beans just as you are set to brew it.

    Starbucks and the dark french roasts are way too bitter. But I'll also take a German lager over ales and Guiness too. All these reflect personal tastes. BTW, just because coffee is not bitter does not mean its weak. I like mine strong. The generic name the secretaries at work gave it was "road patch".

    Lastly, if you believe what you hear, the US is one of the very few countries where the coffee folks drink isn't made from instant. If you go that route, it's Nescafe Clasico from Walmart.
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    I know some roasters will put some Robusta in their espresso blends for more crema.....can't say I've ever roasted any at home though.
  15. scubadoo97

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    I'll echo BuffaloSmoke's comment. The only robusta I've roasted was in an espresso blend called Malabar Gold. I would never buy it to add to anything I was making for an espresso blend nor would there ever be a reason to roast it for other methods of brewing. It's added to cheaper espresso blends to give more crema or is used in some blends for body and crema.

    And most home roasters I know roast on the lighter side so as to taste the individual flavors of specific origin beans. Once a bean has been roasted to dark you lose the individual qualities and it all starts tasting the same.
  16. kookie

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    100% Columbian, but I prefer to grind my own beans so I buy whole bean coffee. No real favorite brand.
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    Dunkin Donuts Coffee is our favorite here.

    I'll have to admit though, the stuff we drank in the Army was much better for filling potholes.

  18. I just buy the local store tends to be the cheapest.
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    coffee is known the world over and shared by a very large percent of people every day, not shure on stats but id guess 80% or more of the population, but how would it rate to other dinks say "milk" id say that milk is used more then coffee in the mornings but then people drink coffee all day long, sliding alittle deeper into the rabits hole, (wish i took the red pill over the blue pill[​IMG])
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    I was gonna say the same thing, I miss my army sludge, that stuff could keep you up for days!

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