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Discussion in 'Beef' started by billdawg, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Doing my first whole packer tonight. The low tonight is only supposed to be around 55*, so I figure this was as good a time as any to do an overnight cook.

    I bought an 11.8 lb brisket from Wally World and got it rubbed up earlier today. I am planning on putting it on my UDS at about 8:00 p.m. tonight. I am shooting for eating mid afternoon tomorrow. I am torn between foiling or no foiling as this is my first brisket. I have been smoking for a couple of years, but have never attempted a whole brisket (aside from Pastrami). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I am planning to smoke it at 225* until 190-195* for slicing. At what time should I separate the point from the flat so I can make burnt ends? As soon as it comes off, or after a rest?

    All rubbed up and ready to be wrapped and back in the fridge.

    I have the UDS fired up and waiting for it to come up to temp. More pics once it goes on. I'm hoping my UDS performs as usual (set it and forget it) and I am not up and down all night fiddling with the temp. We shall see.
  2. kathrynn

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    I don't know about the burnt ends....never done that.  BUT....I am in to see what you do!  [​IMG]

    Good Luck!

  3. pgsmoker64

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    You can cook til it's done then separate and cube up for burnt ends!

    Some separate before the cook, some separate at the 165 IT point.  Your choice.

    Good luck,

  4. Thanks for the advice Bill!

    so I got it on at 8:30. Got the temp holding pretty steady between 225 and 230.

    Here it is going on

    Hard to see, but there is a little of the thin blue stuff coming out.
  5. dave17a

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    My mother would marinate for 3 daysin whatever. did not pay no nevermind then and cooked in the oven and was a killer. wish she was still here.
  6. My Aunt makes a killer one in the oven as well.
  7. So, it is now 7:23 in the A.M. I had to adjust the temp one time around midnight because it had dropped down to 195*, but since then it has been holding steady at 230*. Internal temp is at 162*. I think I am going to let it go on to 195* without foiling it. Man, I am getting to old to sleep on the sofa. I sure am going to enjoy the bed tonight.
  8. So, it finally came off at 3:00PM. I let it rest for about 45 minutes wrapped in foil, and the separated the point from the flat and started cutting the point into cubes for the burnt ends.

    Pulling it off the smoker

    Cubing up the point

    Extra rub and some sauce and back in for another hour and a half, two hours.

    The flay came out ok, but not quite as juicy as I would have liked. Still delicious and edible, but I think I will foil the next one at 170*. I am not disappointed with my first attempt. The burnt ends are still in the smoker and should only be another hour tops. Wife should be home soon and she is going to make some mashed potatoes for us with some smoked chipotle gouda that I did back in November. It was a really long process, but well worth the wait!

    I will post the pics of the burnt ends once they come out. This was the first time I have tried a coffee rub on beef. Turned out really tasty.
  9. jp61

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    [​IMG]  Looking good!
  10. pgsmoker64

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    Great job Bill!

    The brisket and the BEs look awesome!

    Sorry it didn't come out perfect for you...just gotta keep trying and eventually it'll come out great!

  11. Thanks guys for the kind words.

    I forgot to take a pic of the burnt ends when I pulled them off, but they turned out amazing. We started eating them and I got all involved in stuffing my face rather than taking pics.
  12. cricky101

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    Burnt ends may be my favorite thing in the world. Nice work!!
  13. humdinger

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    LOL - I highly doubt you are the first person to ever do this, so no apology necessary. [​IMG]  I tell my wife I think I'm going invest in little cutting boards to use as dinner plates since everyone likes to eat off that anyways......
  14. Looks pretty good! Sorry it wasn't the way you wanted it but happy it was still edible. BEs are the best! I always save some to throw in beans or chili - yummy!
  15. frosty

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    Nothing wrong with that brisket and burnt ends.  Looks EXCELLENT!  Great job!!![​IMG]
  16. bruno994

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    Well done sir.  I always save the au jus from the cook so drizzle over the flat slices to help with moisture.
  17. That is genius! I am always amazed how much meat is consumed from a cutting board.
  18. Thanks! I don't think there will be any BE leftovers, but I am saving about half of the flat for chili.
  19. Thanks bruno, I did that and it did help.
    Thanks Frosty!

  20. my first time using a coffee rub(cowboy rub) came out pretty damn good. i was finally happy with the outcome. as i had done a couple briskets before and i did NOT like the outcome, maybe it was the cook time or the temp but i absolutely was disappointed with myself, the wife and kids loved it and the wifes coworkers couldnt stop raving about it,but i thought it could have been after some practice(my wife hates that i call it practice when im outside smoking..hehe) i came out with this beauty...cowboy rubs all day everyday for me from now on... :) my daughter accidently deleted the slicing video and sliced pics i took...good thing i caught her in 3yr olds..
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