Coating on steel ??

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bishgeo, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Do they put a coating on new plate it sure seems like it almost charcoal grey hard as hell to remove.
  2. That is called mill scale, it is a pain and part of the rolling process....The best way to get it off of a large flat area is sandblasting and use an angle grinder to bevel the edges or grind where you are going to be welding.
  3. Do I have to remove it other than where I need to weld. Is it going to stink or affect taste.
  4. I hope others weigh in too, but I have heard of most guys doing a good burnout of the cook chamber and then season with cooking oil afterwards. I don't think most people sandblast inside just to get the scale off.
  5. It's just on plate for end caps and fire box I should be able to hit it with the da and paint it on out side.
  6. You should be allrigt, like Len said its just mill scale.

    sometimes when we have a project that is going to take a lot of heat,like a wood stove,

    we will do a hot load of wood thru it before painting. If it the scale is going to fake, it will do it then instead of

    after painting.

  7. Thanks.
  8. It's hard to get the paint to stick to it properly, if possible, try to get it sandblasted.

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