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  1. kind of an odd question - but with limited space on the deck for the smoker I was wondering about how much clearance I should be looking at from either the siding on the house - or the decking.  I have an ideal location I want to place it, since it's very protected from rain and all but the worst of wind gusts.  But, it would place the back of the smoker about one foot away from the siding on my house. 

    My siding is that cement board stuff.

    with the generally lower temps of a smoker - I'm wondering if that's enough space, or if I should be working on a heat shield or a different location.
  2. Don't think the heat is an issue but you have not stated what kind of smoker, gas, elec, wood/charcoal?

    I have used mine under the patio several times without any concerns but...the smoke lingers and sometimes comes in the house if the window are open. The only other thought is staining of the wall or ceiling area from smoke?
  3. It will be a gas smoker, sorry.  There's only a short eve above part of the area I plan to put it.

    The smoke gives me a thought, hadn't considered that.  there's no windows close by, but the door is pretty close.
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