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  1. Hey gang....I just finished building my first offset stick burner.  Had my first cook on her this past weekend and everything was great.  My question to yall is how you go about cleaning larger smokers.  My WSM was of course easy...I'd just empty/dry the water pan, and then burn off the cooking grates on my gas grill.  Well...that's not so simple on two 5 foot long grates :)

    So I'm curious...what do you guys do after each of your smokes?
  2. i usually heat mine back up after the food comes off, take a grill brush and clean the grates and scrape off the reverse flow plate and get it out of the cooker. Let it roll itself back down for the night 
  3. scrub it out with a wire brush and then wipe out with paper towels really good (i used those greasy paper towels to lit the charcoal chimney), then fire it up and heat up to 350-375 degrees and then open the cook chamber and spray with garden hose on jet setting and steam clean the cook chamber. the excess grease and water flows out of the drain pipe. there are YouTube videos of this method for Lang smokers.

    I do it before i cook every time i cook with her. I simply close the dampers mostly and let her cool down (the water mostly cools her down) and start cooking with her.

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)
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    Just what I was looking for.

    I just happened to see that video while I was tube surfing bbq videos and I thought the idea was nuts! 

    Prior to having my RF, I never cleaned out a horizontal with water. But then again, I often burned mesquite for rotisserie coals in them so that pretty much took care of anything I didn't catch with a pan.

    I went out and looked at my RF plate and it's pretty grungy from my first couple of cooks so I think I'm going to get it good and hot, scrape it off, then hit it with the hose. I have a cook planned for Sunday and I don't want anything rancid heating up on my plate..
  5. ^^^^ Aaron. :yeahthat:

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