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    Hope this is the right forum...have a very grubby Big Green Egg. Few years ago we violated a chicken in can up the butt....and left the can and the stand in it with the intentions of getting it the next morning. The was the day that the snow started...and enough fell to set a record here in Eastern Washington. Anyhow, mold set in. Just cranked it up for an hour or so....snuffed it out and no more mold. Now it is not mold.....just crud. Just had to chisel a lump of scuddleydoo off of the thermometer so I can calibrate how do I clean the sludge out of it?? Seen somewhere that building a nuclear strength fire in it and letting it burn until it burns out works...
  2. Load it up with Lump top and bottom vents wide open. Let the temp go to 750° + give it an hour then cool it down and remove what fell down from the walls. Then go fetch a [​IMG]  and make a note to self that the next time you do this to your BGE you will get a [​IMG]. Fallowed by Your going to have to pay the shipping to send that BGE to me. I won't abuse it!

    Happy smoken.

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    LOL good to see I'm not the only one this has happened to. Mine wasn't a BGE (Big Green Egg) it was a WSM (Webber smoky mountain) I had smoked some pork butts in it for pulled pork at the lake. the drip pan and all was left in it again to be cleaned up the next day. Around 4Am a storm front moved in and it rained all day. when we loaded up on Monday I totally spaced out it had not been cleaned up. When we went back to the lake 3 weeks later I had a science project growing in my camper, along with a smell that would......well you get the idea. I took it to the car wash and washed it several times, then got some oven cleaner and sprayed it down good let it sit and washed it again, it came out looking good as new, I also sprayed it down with a bleach water just for good measure. You might try using HD oven cleaner and the car wash. 
  4. You can always call in this crew... Man... Google is creepy sometimes with the ads....

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    Damn did that stink. Left the vent open and let it rip. Kind of funny watching the flames shooting out the top. Sure did stink. Let ti run wide open for just about an hour, still did not look all that clean. Guess I should wait for it to cool off before I say anything...
  6. Oven cleaner is awesome stuff. Spray it, scrub it, resolve to steam it out next time.

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